About us


We are a team of motion graphics artist, 3D animators and video editors who work together to create stunning animated videos that help you sell and promote your products and services.

Our Promise to you.

  • We will set reasonable and fast deadlines.
  • We will always communicate and keep you up to date on your project.
  • We will provide you with satisfaction guaranteed.

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Commercials and Sales Videos

Straylight Media is an animation video production company.

Over the few years we have produced dozens of motion graphics, 3D and high end videos for our clients that include commercial production and long form sales videos. Our videos include, graphics, animation, stock video, music and images as well as professional voiceovers.

We can take your message and deliver it in a compelling way that captures attention, sells your products and raise awareness of your brand.

Logo Animation, Show Opens and Trailers Videos

Sometimes you just want to enhance what you have. Be it a video blog, a video sales letter, a youtube channel or a broadcast TV show, our animated logo videos, show opens and trailers will excite your customers and take your videos to the next level.

3D Animation

Showing is better than telling, and one of the most effective way to show your product or service, or to explain a concept is through the use of 3D animated videos. 3D is an eye catching way to show your clients exactly what you mean and how it works.

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The Process


We adhere to the measure twice, cut once theory. Every step is signed off by you the client and is subject to your approval.

The average turnaround time for this process is 3 to 5 weeks (3D animation may take more time due to complex rendering).

    • Initial Consultation


Deliver scripts and creative concepts that you approve and sign off on.

    • Script


Deliver a comprehensive script for your approval.

    • Storyboard


Delivery detailed storyboards for your review and sign off.

    • Video Review


We get your approval on your video.

    • Delivery


We deliver your final product via internet in the file format of your choice or via DVD.


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